Christo Smith Boxing Photographer. Young Tigers Boxing Tournament

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I literally just finished editing all the photos from the Young Tigers Boxing Tournament that was held this last Sunday.

Here are a few photos to whet your appetite. I’ll be posting the full albums tomorrow.

Just to let everyone know, and I speak for a few of the boxing photographers that cover boxing in South Africa. We do this because we love boxing and we do this for boxing. I personally don’t make a single cent from boxing. I have invested in expensive equipment which is better suited to sports photography, I spend my hard earned money on fuel to and from boxing tournaments and I spend hours and hours editing and sorting through thousands of photos so that I can bring you guys photos of the boxing.

I feel incredibly privileged to be in the position to do this for boxing and I feel that I am contributing to this beautiful sport as best as I know how. If we all stand together, we can all make boxing in South Africa greater and greater.

Please understand that because boxing photography is not a source of income, and I do rely on other jobs for my income, I have to prioritise those jobs so that I can continue what I do for boxing as well as try and make a living. This means that getting through all the photos takes time. The photos will always come, as soon as I’ve been able to work through them all.

I look forward to continuing to cover boxing and doing my best to bring all the fans, coaches and boxers the best photos that I can possibly offer.

Please go and like my Photography page for all the boxing photos that I will be posting.


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